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Garden Suites Hot Water Pipe Repairs Prequalification

Feb. 24, 2017
Submittal Deadline: 
Mar. 9, 2017 - 4:00pm
Project/Bid Number: 

Garden Suites Hot Water Pipe Repairs: Contractor will provide the labor, equipment and materials necessary to locate, hydro-excavate 58 locations and replace 116 leaking couplers (supply and return at each location) for through the Garden Suites site. The insulated copper pipe is ranging from 2” to 1” in diameter. Some locations may require removal and replacement of walkway concrete and landscape. A Notice to Proceed will be issued approximately May 22, 2017 with the Work achieving Substantial Completion no later than August 17, 2017; return of student residents. For construction value between $300,000 and $640,000, Bidder and its mechanical, electrical and plumbing subcontractor(s) (if using) shall be qualified under the University’s standards prior to award. Mechanical and Plumbing subcontractors are required to complete and submit the prequalification documents. Prequalification documents due March 9, 2017 @ 4:00 pm. BIDDING SCHEDULE Following is the anticipated proposal schedule: 1. Bidding Documents available to prequalified bidders – March 21, 2017 2. Bids received and opened – April 13, 2017