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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Jun. 18, 2014
Submittal Deadline: 
Jul. 9, 2014 - 1:00pm
Project/Bid Number: 
Geotechnical Engineering

The Geotechnical Engineering Services include performing geotechnical engineering services for the proposed UC Merced 2020 project development area as depicted on the attached Campus site plan.

The UC Merced campus is committed to accurately determining the subsurface soils conditions within the proposed development area. These services shall evaluate the site subsurface soil and groundwater conditions in order to provide geotechnical engineering recommendations for the project design. The scope of services is to include soil borings, laboratory testing and analysis of soil samples, preparing reports including design recommendations for future building, infrastructure and site improvement construction, and preparing profiles of the subsurface soil conditions. As part of this commitment, the University may retain the services of this geotechnical engineering consultant to review the Developer’s future project site specific geotechnical reports and design in support of the projects’ specific development for proposed buildings, landscape and infrastructure. Additionally, geotechnical engineering services on other parts of the Campus may also be included as part of this scope. The University’s geotechnical engineering consultant will be precluded from providing any services to the development team planning and designing the project improvements.