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Site Development & Infrastructure Phase 4 - General Contractor Prequalification Results

Mar. 21, 2012
Submittal Deadline: 
Apr. 19, 2012 - 4:00pm
Project/Bid Number: 

Site Development and Infrastructure Phase 4 construction project includes the following work components: Extending underground utilities including chilled water, heated water, reclaimed water, electrical and telecommunication duct banks in Ansel Adams Road.   Remodeling two classrooms to improve their acoustical performance.  Bbuilding a new campus Corporation Yard of approximately 48,000 square feet.  Providing safety improvements at traffic intersection. Building the new Rancher’s Road.  Providing additional cooling and power capacity to the Telecommunications Building.  Providing a new RO system for the Cooling Tower and providing equipment upgrades at the Pump House .


Results are posted.