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Lantern Cafe Remodel

Jun. 23, 2017
Submittal Deadline: 
Jul. 25, 2017 - 2:00pm
Job Walk/Pre-Bid Conference: 
Jul. 11, 2017 - 10:00am
Project/Bid Number: 

Adendum 3 responds to jobwalk questions.

Addendum 2 revises the bidding schedule.

Addendum 1 revises the bidding schedule.


Demo and removal of existing: concrete, casework and concrete. The new work will expand the space for new underground utilities, polish of new concrete, casework, stainless steel finishes and upgrade electrical and point of sales. Demolition: Demo work will consist of the removal and demolition of the existing concrete floor area per the A1.0 & A1.1 plans as well as the removal and demolition of the existing kiosk millwork, power and temporary plumbing. The successful Contractors bid shall include the removal and storage on site, of the existing food service equipment to be re-installed per the FS1.0 drawings, etc. Electrical: New electrical work consists of underground routing of new conduit per the new layout; a new transformer, conductor wire and conduit from the 3rd floor IT & Electrical rooms per the electrical sheets to the café space. Additional data conduit, lighting and equipment power distribution, rough and final connections throughout the café space are part of this scope, etc. Plumbing: New underground plumbing work consists of a new meter and new sewer connections to the new café layout, including but not limited to, new hot and cold water connections for all specified sinks, fresh water runs from R/O to specified equipment, drains to floor sinks, floor drains, R/O water conditioner system, vent to the roof and a new hot water heater etc. Concrete work: Per the architectural sheets, new diamond finished concrete flooring to match the existing will be part of this scope. Drywall & Framing: New metal framing and drywall partitions with fire rated / pressure treated ply wood backing, ceiling soffits, and wood framing for new dais wall and millwork at front counter. Millwork & finishes: New casework as specified in the architectural set, millwork for counters and base cabinets, stainless steel counters, quartz counters, ceramic and porcelain tile face and wall finishes, paint, laminate wall panels and cabinetry, FRP and stainless steel wall finishes. Project Completion: September 15, 2017 Estimated construction cost: $525,000